Weight Loss Programs

We offer a comprehensive, structured weight management program which incorporates intensive behavioral therapy to facilitate lasting lifestyle changes.

Nutritional & Health Coaching 

We offer customized nutritional, lifestyle, and health coaching to patients, in person and remotely through our video telehealth platform. 

Biometric Analysis

Individual metabolisms differ and body composition goes far beyond the standard weight and height ratios. Our tests can help those struggling to lose weight or who want an accurate assessment of their fitness.  

Welcome to Fit & Well, MD at Genesis Medical Group.


We provide specialized programs designed to safely jump-start your weight loss while providing you with the tools to maintain it. Our team of weight loss medical professionals guide you through a three-phase treatment plan, beginning with rapid initial weight loss and transitioning to a regular, healthful lifestyle regimen that can be maintained longterm. This medically monitored program teaches you the essential skills needed to achieve and maintain a healthier weight. 

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