Fit & Well, MD Jump Start: Full Meal Replacement Program

This program offers rapid weight loss and other benefits to get you ready for your impending surgery. Most participants consume seven meal replacements daily, which provide high quality, complete nutrition and result in an average weight loss of 3-7 pounds per week. 


Fit &Well, MD LCD: Partial Meal Replacement Program

This pathway combines the use of meal replacements with a calorie/carb-controlled meal. Most participants consume four to five meal replacements daily. The flexibility of this plan will allow you to eat with family and friends while losing weight, an average of 2-4 pounds a week.

Fit & Well, MD IBT: Intensive Behavioral Therapy

This is a 12 week program which focuses on behavioral changes. It requires weekly "check in" sessions (in person or remotely through our telehealth video platform).  Patients work with a registered dietitian to implement a meal plan for weight loss (with or without meal placements). This plan results in an average weight loss of 1-3 pounds per week. 

Program Phases

All patients on our Fit & Well, MD Programs receive a thorough medical examination, a personalized weight-loss plan based on your current health and weight-loss goals, and physician monitoring before, during and after the program.​ The Programs have 3 phases:

1. Rapid Weight Loss (12-26 weeks +)

  • Weekly visits with your provider and/or dietitian

  • Routine monitoring of labs

  • Intensive behavioral modifications

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Close medication monitoring by physician

  • Exercise recommendations

  • Optional meal replacements


2. Transitional Phase (8-12 weeks)

  • Gradually increase calorie consumption

  • Regular visits with your provider and/or dietitian

  • Intensification of exercise (as tolerated)

  • Transition off meal replacement products (if using)

3. Maintenance Program (12-26 weeks+)

  • Monthly sessions (in person or remotely through telemedicine)

  • Continue building foundation for long term success

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